Monday, June 29, 2009

Mineral Makeup from mummumscrafts on Etsy.

I love Lucy! Lucy of that is! She makes mineral makeup and sells the brushes with it, and it is fabulous stuff. The mineral foundation powder covers well, hiding my summer freckles, which is great. The colors she has for eyes, cheeks and lips are awesome as well. I have several of them and tried some today and took some pics to show her. In this pic I'm wearing the TWILIGHT mineral eye color. It's a pretty silver color with metallic looking flecks. Very nice! In my other pics, I'm wearing the TWILIGHT on my eyes, and the LOVE 3-in-1 color on my cheeks and lips. And the medium mineral foundation on my face. The coverage is great, you can choose how much coverage you want, from light to full coverage. It stays on ALL DAY, even if I get my face wet... until I use soap and water to remove it at night. It's so great. Go check out her shop!