Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Update on My Mom

The last couple of days have been hard for me. I've been feeling utterly sad.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gift Painting of My Mom & I

Yesterday I received such a wonderful gift in the mail. My friend Kathy of Tapestry316 on Etsy sent me a painting that she made of my mom and I. She saw the picture of us together and decided to paint it and send it to me for a gift. I was incredibly touched by the thought! And the painting came out so wonderfully. Kathy is truly a talented artist and a delightful person. That she took the time to paint a picture of my mom and I shows the caring nature of Kathy.

I love this painting so much and I'm going to find a beautiful frame for it this week. I can't wait to find a great spot to hang it so I can enjoy it every day. Also, next time I go to see my mom, I'll bring it with me and show her too. She will love it, I am sure!

Speaking of my mom, she is doing alright. The Hospice doctor was there to see her the other day and prescribed a stronger medicine to help with her pain, and it will last twelve hours instead of six. What a wonderful blessing for all of us. It is so hard to see her in such pain. It seems unfair that someone so sweet and kind should have to suffer so. Her attitude remains amazingly positive throughout all of the pain.

I love her more than ever. I call her a couple times a day to check on her when I'm not with her just to hear her voice. It's not easy being so far away from her, and I look forward to each visit. We try to get down there every couple of weeks.

Last time I was there, she did great. The first day she stayed awake for more than six hours straight. She was enjoying the company and we even took her to the beach for sunset. My brother flew in from Michigan, and I was there with my husband and Natassia & Dalton. She enjoyed seeing a couple of her grandkids, too. We had a little "spa time" where I gave her a facial and did some makeup... and took care of a few other needs she had. I love this one on one time with her, just the two of us. She appreciates the attention and my doing the things that she cannot do anymore.

She is the most amazing, strong, wonderful woman I've ever known. I can't wait to see her again in a week or two!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I received my prize!

I won a blog contest from Storybook Stitches last week, and I was so excited. I entered the contest on her blog. I received my prize in the mail yesterday and it is just awesome. I won a neck/shoulder therapy wrap and slipper inserts. She also included a free eye mask. She makes things so well, everything is just wonderful. I know the set will help with my neck and shoulder pain a lot. I love that the covers are removable so I can wash them as needed! Thanks so much Sharrie, you're so generous!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I won a blog contest!

I blogged yesterday about a blog contest I had entered at my friend Sharrie's blog. Today I got an email saying that I have WON! I'm sooo excited, I can hardly stand it. I really could use this heat therapy set for my neck and shoulder that have had problems for a while now due to an old injury. It's so cool that I won something that I really NEED. I was thinking if I didn't win I'd have to try to buy one in the near future. It's always fun to win contests, but even more so when it's something a person really needs and can use a lot. I want to thank Sharrie of StorybookStitches for having this awesome contest and for being just a really sweet person. It's been fun getting to know Sharrie on CAST and on facebook. Thank you Sharrie!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Giveaway from Storybook Stitches

My friend Sharrie from StorybookStitches is having a giveaway! I know anyone would love to win her moist heat therapy pack that she's giving away, so I thought I'd let all of my readers know about this great giveaway. Sharrie has an awesome shop on Etsy and sells all kinds of cool items from these therapy packs to plush robes and much more. Check out her shop here and her blog is located here where you can enter to win this great giveaway!