Thursday, February 26, 2009

Featuring Mummumscrafts

Lucy of (mummumscrafts) has amazing mineral makeups, goats milk lotion, handmade soaps, and lipbalm. Soon she'll be adding handmade deodorant too! She's fairly new to Etsy (joined Dec 2008) and has done very well having 50 sales already and 100% positive feedback. As if she's not busy enough with this shop, she has another great shop where she sells beaded jewelry: What wonderful talent this lady has!

"I love making things, all sorts of things! Quilts, crochet things, soaps, jewelry, clothes, paintings, drawings, you name it I have probably tried making it at least once. I am a happily married mother of two. I home-school my kids and working from home allows me to do so. I have two websites; and"

Why does she make the things she does? Check out this part of her profile to see why.
"So, why did I start making all these soaps and makeup? I was looking for something to help me and my family with our super sensitive skin! I started with soaps first. My son and my husband both have very dry sensitive skin, so I did some research and learned the awesome qualities of cold process soaps! I started making them for my family, along with lotions and other bath products. I could not keep this good stuff to myself, people started noticing how great our skin looked. Pretty soon I was selling locally, then started selling online too! The soaps and lotions were great, but I still couldn't wear makeup! I am allergic to EVERYTHING, and all store bought makeup would make my eyes water and breakout my skin. I didn't wear makeup for years! So I did more research! I found out about the awesomeness of mineral makeup, but also found out that many of these companies add harmful ingredients and they charge a small fortune for their products. With more research and loads of experiments, I developed my own mineral makeup line. I love it! I can wear makeup again and it is truly the best I have ever tried. My skin has improved from using it too!! I just have to share this great stuff with you!"

She is a proud member of the CAST team (Christian Artists Street Team) and the SHE team (Schooling at Home Etsians)!

Check out her shops and see for yourself the wonderful items she makes and the great person that she is. I've so enjoyed chatting with her on CAST! She's so sweet and fun to get to know.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Featuring CarolsGlassCreations


This post is in honor of my friend Carol (AKA Firebug) of CarolsGlassCreations. We met on CAST team and I am truly glad to call her my friend. She is very talented, making the most intricate and beautiful glass beads. She has such a big heart, and a kind soul.

Here is part of her profile on Etsy:

I am a happily married Christian woman and mother of 4 children (adults now). I started melting glass in 2004 when my sweet husband bought me a beadmaking kit for Mother's Day. I thank God every day for this and many other crafts I have had the privilege of learning throughout my life.I've loved arts & crafts since I was a young girl.I love painting, knitting, crocheting, quilting, lampworking, woodworking and using my lampwork beads to design jewelry. I am now a proud member of the CAST team here on etsy. I am also a member of SRA (Self-Representing Artists) and my number is #C-80. I have a membership in the forums at Lampworketc., Wet Canvas, and ISGB.

Please visit my friend Carol's shop!

Thursday, February 19, 2009



My friend Jeanette runs wordzoflife at Etsy. She has such cute "snippets" as she calls them. They are encouraging words stitched onto quilt pieces, using old quilts and re-cycling them into art! She also has wall art, pins and more.

Here is a piece of her profile on Etsy:

" Here at WORDZ OF LIFE you will find God's Word, as well as wordz from God's heart to yours, hand stitched simply. Plainly. With much joy!

I change things up quite often around here, so keep checking back. You just might find that ONE THING that tugs at your heart!!!

My shop always has Heart Snippets for you...some to wear as pins, some to display... These Snippets can be used as bookmarks, as a small gift stuffed into a card for a loved one, even tucked away under the pillow of one you love who is sick. Each item created here at Wordz of Life is filled with heartfelt prayers as I stitch them and each Snippet features a word of encouragement and love for those who receive them.

Yes, there are many hearts here, but I also do framed, hand stitched art...most of which is personalized. I call them Wordz Portraits. Please explore my shop section titled Wordz Portraits to see what I mean, and what I have available. Wordz Portraits make great WEDDING PRESENTS, HOUSEWARMING GIFTS, and BABY SHOWER PRESENTS they will treasure always. "

Check out her shop and her profile on Etsy to learn more about this gifted and sweet lady. I'm so proud to call her my friend!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Featuring LusciousLather!


Today's feature is on Just click on the title of this post to be taken to her shop! She has AMAZING soaps, foaming bath whips, facial bars and fabulous jewelry too. I have some of her soaps and they smell, well, Luscious! The name definitely fits the product. Not only is she a talented soap maker, but she's a wonderfully sweet person too. We met on CAST (Christian Artists Street Team) and I'm proud to call her FRIEND.

Here's some of her profile on Etsy:

I have been making soaps and lotions for about 14 years now and just love it! It is such a creative passion for me. There is just something so appealing to me about stirring up a big bowl of soap and planning out the colors, fragrances and designs. I always have such fun!

I enjoy many other creative pursuits such as watercolors, pottery, writing, paper-making, cooking and baking. I also love reading, gardening and traveling.

Be sure to check out her shop at