Saturday, January 30, 2010


I had the most wonderful time of fellowship with my friends from Etsy, CAST team to be specific. (CAST team is Christian Artists Street Team). My friend Daffy as she is known, has been planning a trip to FL for a few months and wanted to come and see me while here. I was so excited waiting for her and her husband Hank to arrive! She told me she had some huge surprise for me, and I couldn't even fathom a guess. So I walked outside to greet them in the driveway and I hugged her and Hank hello. She told me she brought that surprise, and to close my eyes and walk towards the car with her. I bent down to look in a bag she told me to look at, and someone tapped me on the (very) lower back. I stood up and there was a woman standing there with big sunglasses on. I had no idea who she was at first. Then I remembered Daffy saying a DOOZY of a surprise and the woman took off her sunglasses and it was LEAH, who happens to be my Kindred! We have been buddies online and on the phone for a long time and I couldn't believe she was standing there in my yard!! We both started squealing and screaming and hugging. It was so wonderful. Then I had to hug Daffy some more.
That was just the first five minutes of our visit! They came inside, with loads of groceries for lunch, and we all talked and hugged and just had fun. It took an hour to stop talking and visiting so we could sit and eat together. Matt said the prayer and we ate.. fried chicken, corn on the cob, salad, antipasta, bread and more. Then we had dessert too! Chocolate frosted yellow cake, red velvet cake, and the lemon squares I made from scratch for Daffy who loves lemon.
We sat and talked about lots of things and took pictures of us together. They left just before 7 because they have an over-3-hour drive back to Orlando. I am so glad they came up and saw us! We had a wonderful time together and I'm feeling so blessed to have been able to meet 3 CAST team members today, in person. Daffy is such a kind hearted friend, and it was lovely to give her hugs and kisses xoxoxo in person. Leah is my Kindred and so fun, and sweet. I loved meeting Hank who is a very nice guy and I can tell he and Daffy love each other. I think Matt had fun hanging out with him too.

I Won a Blog Contest!

I am so excited! I won a blog contest, and this is what I'll be receiving as my prize:

All of this came about because I am having my own giveaway (see post below for details, it's still going and ends Wednesday) and was promoting it. Someone commented and I went to her blog and entered her contest. I was informed today that I was the winner! How exciting!! It really made my day.

Her blog is located here:
and her ETSY shop is here:

Thank you so much Jessica!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm being featured on a team blog!

I'm being featured on the CAST team blog. AND I'm giving away a free heart bookmark to one lucky person. All you have to do is go HERE and leave a comment. It's very easy! Then there will be a drawing for the winner in a few days or a week. How exciting!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm in a Treasury on Etsy

I'm in a treasury on Etsy! I love it when that happens :) I want to thank CKSILVER who chose my neckwarmer to be in her treasury! Thanks!

Click here for treasury link.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


My friend wrote this really fantastic book that I want to share with my newer readers. It is the first book she has had published, and I think it's so good she should write a sequel! It is a powerful story of love and redemption, hence the name Redeemed by Candance L. Lawson. The story is a beautiful Christian romance, but not the typical kind. It's very real, and could be a story that would happen in real life. I think it's one of the most moving books I've read, and I'm not just saying that because my friend wrote it! If you have the chance, read this wonderful book. It is worth the read!

Friday, January 8, 2010



I opened a brand new Etsy shop. I have been wanting a more professional sounding name for awhile, so I came up with Breath of Dawn Studio. There is a lot of meaning behind my new name, Dawn equals a new beginning. Breath of dawn is a line in a song that my mom loved, and I did too. So it's sort of named in memory of my precious mommy who went to heaven in Nov. 2009. I wanted a shop with more high-end yarns being used to make beautiful creations, so this shop will hold my wools, silks, cashmeres, quality cottons and more. I have two listings so far, and will be adding more as I make them.

Please check out my new shop, give it some love, and let me know what you think!