Thursday, January 14, 2010


My friend wrote this really fantastic book that I want to share with my newer readers. It is the first book she has had published, and I think it's so good she should write a sequel! It is a powerful story of love and redemption, hence the name Redeemed by Candance L. Lawson. The story is a beautiful Christian romance, but not the typical kind. It's very real, and could be a story that would happen in real life. I think it's one of the most moving books I've read, and I'm not just saying that because my friend wrote it! If you have the chance, read this wonderful book. It is worth the read!


Graceful Moments said...

Sounds like a hit!

jamfiescreations1 said...

I will have to look for it, thanks for sharing.

Cindi said...

Can't wait to go get it, snuggle in my favorite place and read it.