Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Shack

I'm reading The Shack right now, by William P. Young and have to recommend it to everyone I know now. I'm not even finished, about 2/3 through it, and love it so much that I'm telling all of my friends about it! There is some very deep spiritual meat to chew on in this awesome book. I don't want to give too much away, because I hope you will all read it yourselves. The main character is struggling with a tragic event and God steps in to help him through it. This is The God people can relate to, the Real God who Loves in the gentlest way. I have had many tears and a few laughs too. I feel closer to the Lord than ever, and that's saying something because He has been my best friend for many years. I am trying to see the world through His eyes, and the people in the world in the same way. If you can't afford to buy it (there are inexpensive copies on Amazon), then try your local library! Meet the God who can change your life, if you haven't already.


Graceful Moments said...

I really this book as well!

mattscraftywife said...

Awesome huh Vicki? :) Thanks for reading my post!