Monday, February 7, 2011

A Nail Biting Super Bowl Game!

I was biting my nails as I watched the Super Bowl game last night! My husband, myself and my in-laws were all rooting for the Green Bay Packers & they sure gave us a show last night! They were in the lead to start out the game, then the Steelers almost caught up. We sat on the edge of the couch as we watched the last quarter to see who would win. Green Bay still had the lead but it wasn't enough. There were some plays that didn't go so well and some that were absolutely amazing! In the end, the Packers brought it home and we could finally relax and take a breath. Aaron Rodgers did a fantastic job leading the Pack, I have more respect for him after watching the game last night! I really enjoyed watching Clay Matthews make some great plays too.

As for the National Anthem, I know it is all over the news already. I'm no Christina Aguilera fan, so I didn't enjoy it even before she messed up the words. And halftime was a waste of time if you ask me. The Black Eyed Peas sounded terrible especially Fergie. There were a few moments she sounded ok, but she was off pitch most of the time and was screaming instead of singing. The dancing was pretty cool and I loved seeing Slash, formerly of Guns N Roses.

The game was exciting and thrilling, everything a Super Bowl Game should be!

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