Friday, September 30, 2011

Tips on Using TRESemme's Fresh Start Dry Shampoos

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TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo is so convenient that I don’t know how I lived without it before!  I’ve learned some tips to use dry shampoo to its fullest advantage.  For starters, I always shake the bottle vigorously before using it, and also in between sprays.  Lifting my hair in sections and spraying the roots in short bursts lightly makes it easy to get the shampoo evenly distributed through my hair.  I tried once to spray it all over my head like hair spray, and that didn’t work too well, so I wouldn’t recommend that!  Using my fingertips, I massage it in and then I leave my TRESemme’ in for one to two minutes and let it soak in.  Taking the time to use it correctly makes the product work the best.  Finally, if the spray nozzle gets a clog, just take it off and run it under hot water, then reattach.

I like that there are many choices in the full line of dry shampoos by TRESemme’.  There’s Strengthening Dry Shampoo containing keratin and B-vitamins, strengthening hair and keeping it healthy.  The Volumizing Dry Shampoo  has mineral clay and citrus, which removes oil and adds volume.  The Smoothing Shampoo is a formula rich in Vitamin H and Silk Proteins removes oils and keeps the hair sleek all day.  Lastly, the Moisturizing Dry Shampoo features witch hazel, citrus and Aloe Vera, to keep hair moisturized while removing oil and odors.  All of this, with not even a drop of water! 

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Each of TRESemme’s Fresh Start Dry Shampoos is infused with citrus and is excellent for removing oils and odors, for those days I don’t feel like washing and restyling my hair. 


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