Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ladies' Christmas Gifts for $5 and less

You can find wonderful Christmas gifts for $5 and under, and support independent artists in their handmade craft.  Supporting small businesses instead of huge corporations helps the individual instead of the CEO of a big store.  Independent sellers who sell on Etsy, ArtFire, Ebay and other venues have beautiful items and many are not very expensive.  Today I will show you several items you can buy that are handmade, quality items, and they are $5 or less.  Thanks for supporting small businesses and local artists!

by Ingrid's Creations on Etsy

by Mummumscrafts on Etsy

by TeenyLady on ArtFire

by LDPhotography

by Divababies on ArtFire

by mibellacreations on ArtFire

by Earthbalisms on ArtFire

These are just a few goodies I've found while looking through Etsy and ArtFire for handmade gifts for women $5 and under.  There are tons more!  I hope this selection makes you smile.  

Buy Handmade this Christmas!


Autismthroughaparentseyes said...

Love it! Are you going to do another one like this? I could use that scarf for my friend who loves zebra stuff and the candles look great!

Ingrid Ames said...

What a great selection of gifts to choose from and all at great prices! :)

Tammy Demoreuille said...

Great finds! Thanks for posting!! :)

Lucy79 said...

I love handmade gifts! Awesome post :D

mattscraftywife said...

Austismthroughaparentseyes: I'm doing a whole series like this from now til Christmas time. I didn't make the zebra scarf, it's from someone else's shop... it's lovely yes?

Thanks Ingrid, Tammy & Lucy!

althena12/ ldphotography said...

thanks for including my Sisters art card in this lovely selection.

Kristin2011 said...

Thanks for including our candles in your collection. For more candle goodies visit us at: http://www.lilcandlestore.com