Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I've just finished these lovely baby blanket to send to a friend's shop who is nice enough to try to sell my items. They are a great size for babies, and so soft. This friend of mine has sold a baby sweater set, a couple of baby hat sets, and an adult hat for me so far, since January! I'm really excited about this new business venture. I used a basic round ripple pattern and chose my color scheme and layout myself. Hey, I don't think I'll get rich off this, but if I can profit just a few dollars and have some spending money, I'm happy! And if I were to get rich, all the better :) Praise God that He's given me the talent and the passion for crocheting. Even if I only made things as gifts for people, that's good enough for me! Now, I'm making things for my sister-in-law who ordered 2 baby sweater sets (sweater, hat, booties) and I finished one and am about 3/4 done with the other one. I love word of mouth sales!


Charsbeads4u said...

You have been given a wonderful gift, not only the gift of being able to crochet such wonderful items that have blessed so many people, but also the gift of being such an exhorter! You light up my life by letting Jesus shine throw your words everyday! Keep that light shinning, Anastashia! =)
In His Peace

Crochet n Pray said...

Thank you so much, Char! You're such a sweetie. I'm so glad that God saw fit to bring us together here and allow us to become friends!