Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Enjoying Artfire

I have set up an account on Artfire, and so far I LOVE IT. I don't know if the sales fairy will visit me or not, but time will tell! I think the setup process is so much easier than Etsy, where I used to sell. The process to list a new item is amazing. There is one simple page with everything I need to list an item. On Etsy there are four or five pages to go through and it takes forever. One thing about Artfire is that it seems to have personality and a bit more personal style added to my shop. I only have two items listed right now, but plan to list a lot more and see how it goes. It costs nothing to list items, and nothing when the items sell. They make their money by having pro accounts that sellers can buy, at $15.95 a month. There are some features not available on basic that are available on pro, and that's what you pay for if you get a pro account. I have a basic account for now, and plan to keep it. Free is for me!

Visit My Artfire Shop and see the cute crochet items I am listing and selling.


Lizzi said...

Glad you're enjoying it. I've been thinking about trying to sell on several different places, I found out about artfire before etsy but just did etsy because a friend suggested it saying she shopped there.

Charsbeads4u said...

I'm glad you like's great to hear that they don't charge for the site....I hope you do well there!
The reason I had steered clear of Artfire is because they have that Karma tab on the page....I don't care for that term...but I guess I could just call reap what you sow...instead...haha
Let me know how ya do, Anastasia! =)

Kathleen said...

I have thought about signing up for the free Art Fire page, too. I remember when their pro accounts were $7.00 ;-)

Chars - that karma tag bothers me, too =p

Anonymous said...

Hope it goes well for you Anastasia! I've only glanced at Artfire...because someone posted a link to it. I noticed that Karma thing right away. It makes me laugh when people use that term. And Chars said it best...we reap what we sow...plain and simple.

Graceful Moments said...

I'm glad you like it at ArtFire. I'm going to try to get my shop there set up this weekend. It does seem a lot simpler set up wise than Etsy. I've had an Artfire account since they started...I got one of the lifetime pro accounts for $7.00 a month. I forgot all about it until recently. I visited your shop and it is looking good!
Char, I don't like the term Karma either but I came to the same conclusion...reap what you sow...with no reincarnation involved!

mattscraftywife said...

I'm not into the term Karma either, but I don't care if they want to use that for their word for feedback. Just waiting to see what happens!