Thursday, March 10, 2011

Even Busy Moms Can Give Kids Good Nutrition!

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I am SuperMommy. I work from home, take care of five kids, run my household and make dinner for my family.  I also enjoy hobbies and spending a little time on myself every day.   I make the time to make sure my family gets nutritious meals every day even though I'm doing all of these things!  It's not always easy but being a powerful, strong woman, I can do it when I put my mind to it.  Sometimes I make dinners that are time consuming and difficult, doing everything from scratch (just to show off!) but other times I just don't have the time or energy after a long day of working and doing all of the necessary family things that are required of SuperMommy's.  


On the days I don't have a lot of time, I like to make easy meals like Hormel Compleats.  They are awesome for lunch or for dinner, because they are so simple to make and they ensure my family is getting the right nutrition.  Coming from Hormel, I know that the meats and vegetables are of the best quality.  They don't have to be refrigerated, so they are easy to pack up in my kids' lunch boxes along with an apple for a nutritious lunch at school.  I can eat them too, and since I work from home, it's easy to walk to the kitchen and put one in the microwave!

Check out Hormel's Life Better Served contest for 3 great ways to win.   You can submit a video to  You could also submit a video to Zooppa to try to win.  And lastly, you can share the Life Better Served Contest with 5 friends by clicking the "share" button on to be entered to win $3,000 in the sweepstakes drawing.  Winning this contest would sure help me to purchase a lot of Hormel Compleats, and many other things to make my busy life easier!






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nickames14 said...

Those Hormel Compleats sound fabulous! I too am a very busy Mom and love having easy but yet nutritious meals to make at dinner time when I am extremely busy. I need to check those Hormel Compleats next time I am at the store. :)

mattscraftywife said...

Thank you!