Monday, November 8, 2010

Dancing with Jesus

Today is the one year anniversary of my mom's passing away. I like to call it her "birthday to heaven". She is whole and happy. She is dancing with Jesus, praising the Lord eternally. I miss her more every day, not less. Knowing she is with God helps a little but doesn't fill the whole left in my heart since she left. I love her forever whether we are together on earth or not.

My dad came up yesterday to be with me for today, which was helpful. He even brought gifts, her purse and wallet, and also her personal Bible. I was overjoyed to receive those priceless gifts!

Today my dad and I decided to celebrate her life, and her birthday to heaven. We went to a lake that she liked, and tossed flowers into the water, and released a balloon into the air over the lake. I wrote her a letter, and attached it to the balloon. We watched it fly for several minutes until it was completely out of view. It was actually a beautiful tribute to her life and we  had tears in our eyes. We started talking about her life, and her 3 month illness. There were many good memories, many times of laughter and lots of tears during that illness. Memories that will stay with me forever! Then we ate her favorite candy, York peppermint patties.

I am sad today, but I am sad every day that I don't have her here with me. But I also have the blessed assurance that I will be reunited with her someday, and will live forever in heaven with her. I look forward to that so much, but until then I must live my life in a way that would please her and make her proud. I live every day leaning on my Jesus, living for Him. I try to be a good mom, and daughter to my dad. She would love that!

I know she is dancing with Jesus, running free and spending time with her own mom, happy and waiting for my arrival. I love her so very much, always and forever.


Lizzi said...

What a beautiful person she raised, and a what a great way to celebrate her home-going and commemorate her life on earth.

mattscraftywife said...

Thank you Lizzie!


knitblitz said...

My mom's favorite candy was Peppermint Patties too!

I love reading your blog because we share the thing with our mom's being with Jesus.

I'm glad you had your family with you to celebrate your mom.

mattscraftywife said...

Knitty! That is too cool, they had same favorite candies :) Thanks for reading and thanks for your prayers. Love ya!