Monday, November 1, 2010

Facebook Giveaway


I have 187 fans on my Facebook Fan Page, and when I hit 200 I will be drawing a name to win my giveaway. Fans have been asking what the giveaway will be, but I have been rather elusive in my answer. I am finally revealing the secret prize, which is.....

Your choice of any item $5 or under from my mattscraftywife Artfire Shop!

This includes any Christmas stocking ornament, and my cup cozy/coasters. ANY item that is $5 or under can be the prize. When I draw the name, using, I will notify the winner on my fan page. If they don't respond within 48 hours, I will draw a different name. The winner will be posted here after they respond also.

This giveaway is for fans of my Facebook Page only, so come on over and become a fan and be eligible for this awesome giveaway! The name drawing will happen as soon as I reach 200 fans, only 13 more to go!

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