Thursday, August 28, 2008


These little stuffed pumpkins are getting some attention with fall coming soon. I sold one set of 2 the other day and today I had a custom order for a set of 4! They are cute for a table decoration or home decoration for fall, (or can be toys, with no small parts to harm children.) I'll be listing more soon because of the comments I've gotten on them. ~~UPDATE: I did list more and sold another set of 2! After that I made 2 more and they are listed again in my shop!~~

I just love fall, and every time it approaches I start to feel excited for it to come. The leaves may not change much here, but they do a little and I look forward to it. My husband and I met in the fall, so that holds special memories for us as well. We both love Christmas, so once fall comes, we're getting excited for the joy of Christmas.

Enjoy the rest of summer and prepare for fall!

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